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Cryptocurrencies with DUO

Cryptocurrencies with DUO

Get access to major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

What are

Are digital currencies that use cryptochartic encryption to ensure the integrity of transactions and to control the creation of additional units.

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Characteristics of

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated or controlled by a specific entity.

A decentralized database, called a blockchain, is used to keep track of transactions. They can be used as a means of payment, but they are not formally considered as such since they do not have the backing of a central bank or any public authority.

The transactions are irreversible, that is, once you buy a cryptocurrency, you cannot cancel the operation.

If you want to get rid of it, you must do the opposite, that is, sell it.


All transactions are in a single free access register.

transaction costs.

Unique ownership

Each coin has a unique owner.


You can store a large amount of cryptocurrency in a space as small as a USB.

Benefits of trading
with Cryptocurrencies

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Reduced Capital

At DUO Markets you can speculate on the price of the main cryptocurrencies with only a fraction of the real value of the coin.


Place trades for amounts greater than your deposited capital making use of our flexible leverage.

Short-selling trades

Trading CFDs allows you to make a profit on both sell and buy trades.

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